Carnival of light


The Metamorphosis, Death Valley

Little red dragon


Desert landscape San Juan Basin

The big blue , Iceland


Serpent's egg New Mexico

The serpent's egg

Another image of the desert landscapes in New Mexico. The hoodoos and stone figures are from another world.

The triton

The triton

A fantastic sight offered me that evening in the badlands, so I had to take some photos.

Persephone's dream, Slot Canyon

The bee

The bee

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley


The tear of the desert

The tear of the desert

On of my favourite locations, where the nature seems to be untouched.

Slot canyon photography

Slot ecstasy

One of my favourite photography in this gallery. This slot canyon is incredible. Fantastic wall formations and colors. But there are also hazards and psychological burdens to squeezing yourself through these canyons. We had to climb over three rattlesnakes and my wife found a black widow on a wall. Also the risk of potential flash floods should never ignored.

Slot canyon photography

The pillars of the earth


The wave

The wave

The wave an amazing photo location in the American Southwest.

Eye of the wind

A fascinating sight of mother nature hidden secrets in this forgotten world.

Strange land

Smoking earth, Iceland


Strange land

Witch's Cauldron , Iceland


Gullfoss, Iceland


River of dreams


The Awakening, Geysir Iceland



The spirit of a hawk

For a lot of visitors this photo is one of the most impressive image. Well, the colors are amazing.

Colors of sandstone

Colors of Sandstone

It's incredible what kind of color games the nature produces.

Desert patterns


Slot canyon arch

Gold light

This fantastic light reflection behind this doorway shivering like gold. An unbelievable view in this slot canyon. Only a short moment during a day you can see this reflection.


Glowing wall

Another photo from a slot canyon. The reflecting light produces fantastic colors.

Mesa Arch



Flames of desire

The finest colors I've ever photographed in a slot canyon. The walls were like silk. This is a single exposure. I prefer more exact light metering instead of exposure bracketing.


A journey to the edge of time

I think this landscape image doesn't need a lot of comments. The title speaks for itself ...


Stone Wave

Another slot canyon photo of the american southwest. I like to stay hours in them and watching the changing light and colors. A playground for photographers.


Zebra Dunes


Windstone arch

Windstone Arch

Another photographers highlight, quite difficult to capture. I shot that picture very early in the morning.

Structures in stone

Amazing structures and colors I found on this wall.

Bryce canyon

The tree

I was amazed, when I saw this single tree in this canyon.


The beam

One of the most spectacular moments in a slot canyon is to photograph a beam. Only when the sun shines in a special angle trough special passages it will become visible, when the air is dusty. A nightmare for cameras.

Morning glow Utah

Wings of an angel

This photography originated in a remote slot canyon. Silence surrounded me when I was watching the incredible play of the colours at the sandstone walls. A light breeze like a flapping from a wing broke the silence. Well, I'm shure it was from wings of an angel ....

White Pockets

The curve, Utah / Arizona

Iceland Highlands

Solitude, Iceland highlands

Sunset Iceland Highlands

Kirkjufell, Snaefellsnes Iceland

Fumaroles Iceland Highlands

Garden of the gods, Iceland highlands

Fumaroles Landscape Iceland

Painted earth, Iceland highlands

Fumaroles Iceland

Fumarole, Iceland highlands

Highlands Iceland Photo

Elysium, Iceland highlands