Nature photography of Oulanka River

Angel's wing , Oulanka national park, Finland

The nature photo gallery invites you to take a closer look into amazing details of the beautiful nature. You will find a great variety of abstract and colorful images.

Photo of Rio Tinto

The burning river , Rio Tinto, Spain

The color of the Rio Tinto river comes from the pollution of mining that started approximately 3000 BC. The amount of iron dissolved in the water gives this river an intensive red color. The water has a very low ph level and there is a noticeably contamination with heavy metals.
As a result a huge amount of colors, forms and abstract figures can be found for photography.

Abstract Photography at Rio Tinto River

Fire dragon , Rio Tinto, Spain

The mixture of different natural elements produces these incredible forms with fantastic colors in which we see a world of fairytales. Photographing those abstract nature images needs a lot of fantasy and imagination.

Terra Incognita , Rio Tinto, Spain

Terra Incognita defines an unexplored region which has not been mapped yet. Exploring the Rio Tinto area is discovering new landscapes with all their secrets. This image shows, what I've found.

Abstract image of Rio Tinto

The enchantment , Rio Tinto, Spain


The thing , Rio Tinto, Spain

The NASA is exploring the Rio Tinto area. They have tested Life-Detection technologies in this acidic and anoxic environment which could be similar to the subsurface of the mars, finding a great variety of bacteria and species of microorganisms. During an intensive photography session I found this strange extraterrestrial life...

Abstract close up photography at Rio Tinto

Woman in bath , Rio Tinto, Spain

Image of Rio Tinto River

The prophecy, Rio Tinto, Spain


Abstract photo of Rio Tinto

Serafina, Rio Tinto, Spain

This image is one of my favourite photos from the Rio Tinto river area. A perfect painting from the nature with sulphides, copper, iron and other elements. The first time I saw "Serafina", I felt in love with her.

Image of Rio Tinto

Liquid flames , Rio Tinto, Spain


Abstract image of Rio Tinto

Sirenas , Rio Tinto, Spain


Fine Art photo from Rio Tinto

Simplicism , Rio Tinto, Spain


Colored Water of Rio Tinto

Wild water , Rio Tinto, Spain


Tree bark close up photo at Rio Tinto

Colors of time, Andalucia, Spain

This abstract photography is a close up of a tree bark. The closer look shows the colors and structures wich arise over time.

Abstract close up photo at Rio Tinto

The conquest , Rio Tinto, Spain

Abstract photo at Rio Tinto

Woman in the wind, Rio Tinto, Spain